AI Advisory, Enablement and Consultation

Your AI journey starts here

We help organizations efficiently and responsibly adopt and deploy AI at scale by leveraging world-class AI expertise, industry experience and tools. We help organizations accelerate AI adoption at every step.

1. Scoping the opportunity – Align priority AI investments on a strategic roadmap.

Our experts work with your team to identify how AI can help address the key challenges facing your business. Together, we find the unique AI investments that balance creating value today with building capabilities for tomorrow. When we’re done, your business will be prepared to take concrete steps to access compounding benefits from AI.

2. Leveraging your data & technology – Assemble your technical stack for scalable AI.

Working in sprints, we assess the potential of your current data, technology and software infrastructure to deploy AI workflows and systems through a strategic lens. With a diverse team of Applied Research Scientists, domain and design experts, we get you ready for enterprise-grade AI deployments. We work together using purpose-built tools to close gaps on data, model training and deployment deficiencies.

3. Enabling your team – Empower your people to work smarter with AI.

We help you set your people up for success. Starting with one-day AI bootcamps for Executives and teams, we build your organization’s literacy and trust to work with AI.

4. Ensuring governance – Establish a framework for trustworthy, explainable and responsible AI.

If you are already ahead in your AI journey, we help you identify and mitigate new risks and bias from AI, understand debates guiding AI regulation, and synthesize policies and design principles to ensure safe, responsible AI into the future.

AI Advisory, Enablement and Consultation

AI Training

Education and Training Solutions to Solve the World’s Most Challenging Problems

We offer hands-on training in AI, accelerated computing, and accelerated data science. Developers, data scientists, researchers, and students can get practical experience powered by GPUs in the cloud. And IT professionals can access courses on designing and managing infrastructure to support AI, data science, and HPC workloads across their organizations. Select courses offer our partners and ger certificate to demonstrate subject matter competency and support career growth.

AI Advisory, Enablement and Consultation

Professional Services

We understand your needs in getting excellent end-to-end solutions and services in Information Technology including IT infrastructure and its Integration Services, Application System and its Implementation Services, and IT Consulting Services.