Intelligent Video Analytics


Traditionally, video surveillance cameras have been used primarily by physical security and law enforcement teams to drive investigations and improve real-time response to situations. However, in recent years organizations have discovered that they can get much more value from their video surveillance networks by complementing them with video analytics systems. As a result, video analytics are now used not only by physical security and law enforcement professionals, but by a variety of operators, from Marketing to Operations, Facility Management, Customer Experience teams and more – across a diverse array of organizations and industries.

Video analytics is a technology that leverages existing video surveillance networks to derive searchable, actionable, and quantifiable intelligence from live or recorded video content. Driven by artificial intelligence and deep learning, video intelligence software detects and extracts objects in video, identifies each object based on trained Deep Neural Networks, and then classifies each object to enable intelligent video analysis, including search and filtering, alerting, and data aggregation and visualization.