ServerLIFT server handling lifts are designed to be the data center professional’s safest and smartest decision. Ours is the only data center lift certified to meet global safety standards, with a 100% accident-free record reported by our customers.

Danger in the Data Center

No More Manual Lifting

Save Time and Money
with ServerLIFT

SL-500X® Electric Lift

The Best All-Around Solution for Everyday Server Handling

Streamline hardware management with the ServerLIFT SL-500X Electric Lift, the industry-standard solution for frequent server moves, fast installations, and handling any rack-mounted data center equipment. The SL-500X data center lift is purpose-built for IT environments, eliminating the risk of equipment damage and injury for virtually any server-handling task or situation. That is why it is the all-time, best-selling data center lift and the prevailing choice for critical projects across the globe.

Enhanced Data Center

Information technology environments are constantly evolving, prompting server hardware to be refreshed regularly. New advances in technology have not eliminated logistical issues for those tasked with moving and lifting server hardware. This causes extreme stress on the lower back, risking injury to the operator or accidents and damaged hardware. The ServerLIFT SL-500X tool promotes a different, more effective kind of data center management by eliminating stress, pain, and giving employees the confidence they need to quickly and easily handle otherwise difficult tasks.