Flip the Future of Collaboration
Though the meeting is a core component of today’s business world, it can also be among the most complex. Between preparing and
moving supplies, securing a room and keeping every participant engaged in the discussion, it’s easy for potentially impactful ideas
to become lost…or never take shape at all.
Flexible and fully-integrated, Samsung’s interactive Flip display helps businesses overcome these challenges and explore new
avenues for idea generation. The Flip display securely connects a digital flip chart to a wheel-based stand, delivering advanced
portability and allowing businesses to transform any space into a meeting room. Through extensive connectivity and centralized
storage, businesses can share content and collaborate without hassle.
With Samsung’s Flip, meetings become fun and engaging rather than stressful and exhausting. And by “flipping” your standard
collaborative routine, your team can now work smarter, faster and better.

Flip Creativity
Through an intuitive interface and touch-ready design, the Samsung Flip fosters

a smooth, natural writing experience. Up to four different individuals can
write on the display’s central screen, driving simultaneous engagement. From
there, participants can capture and save new ideas for later use. The Samsung
Flip also encourages users to integrate their personal style by offering a range
of distinct font sizes, colors and text treatments.

Flip Execution
The Samsung Flip display maintains the meeting ideas that far too often are
erased, misplaced or misinterpreted. Extensive connectivity and dedicated
Touch Out control ensure smooth synchronization with participants’ personal
devices. As a result, meeting attendees can share new content and ideas on the
main screen from multiple sources without delay. The Samsung Flip also simplifies

the often-tedious meeting recap process through centralized storage
and distribution.

Flip Innovation
The Samsung Flip’s portable, wheel-based stand transforms any room into a
collaborative huddle space and prevents battles for coveted meeting space.
Business users also can adjust the display to portrait or landscape configurations

to match room dimensions, with its System-on-Chip configuration and
the powerful TIZEN operating system maintaining continuous performance.
For added convenience, the Samsung Flip offers a front tray to house pens and
other vital supplies.