SAMSUNG Galaxy J4 J400 –
Quad-core 1.4 GHz processor that allows Samsung-made smartphones to be equipped with the best platform for optimal performance.
SAMSUNG Galaxy J4 J400 – Black uses 2GB RAM. The advantage of 2GB RAM for your smartphone is that you can open several social media applications without the smartphone becoming sluggish. But from the side of the application that is installed also can not be too much and must filter applications that will be installed. Besides that it can also be used for editing photos and videos but not recommended.
With an internal memory size of 32GB, the SAMSUNG Galaxy J4 J400 – Black is perfect if you do photography experiments with a smartphone camera quite often. The size of internal memory is also very good if you often make a long duration movie, make a video cover song, or often download movies via a smartphone, besides this smartphone is quite good when used to use heavy applications / games. SAMSUNG Galaxy J4 J400 – Black has a quality camera that is quite capable of having a rear camera of 13 MP and a front camera of 5 MP.